Kiln Dried Firewood


Kiln Dried Wood is a brilliant firewood. Our logs are ready to burn & produce a fantastic blaze that produce a high quantity of heat. Dried to an average moisture content of under 20% you nearly double the amount of heat produced by the logs & are split and cut to 25cm lengths and should fit in a majority of wood burners.

Limited Offer: Half crate* £80 while stocks last

Delivery to the North of England only. More Info

*Approx 550 logs per half crate

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At our site we have our own weigh bridge and are happy for our customers to collect if they prefer- we always have plenty of stock dried and ready to go.

We provide both crated & bagged firewood for your convenience.

There may be remnants of nails in some of the wood pieces.  These are off cuts from reprocessed timbers. These are easily removed along with ash from the waste tray.

Kiln Dried Logs 1.2m x 1.14m x 1.08m