Please make sure that you give us any helpful instructions and information if your property or business premises are hard to reach or will be unsuitable for a large lorry.  A mobile number is essential.

The courier is only contracted to drop the pallet off on the curbside, it’s the drivers responsibility whether to take it on to your property or not.

Full pallets are very heavy so your expectations of where you want the pallet delivery to be made and where the driver can unload may not be possible. We always recommend that someone is present to receive delivery and to assist the driver if required.

Things to consider:

  • Narrow roads may be unsuitable for large delivery lorries.
  • The delivery area should be flat, rather than a steep slope.
  • Pallet trucks don’t work on lose ground such as grass, pavement, gravel or soil.
  • The delivery lorry won’t have a fork lift truck or a crane.
  • You may need additional help in order to get your wood pellets, briquettes or wood to exactly where you want them – our delivery vehicles are all equipped with tail lifts and pallet trucks, this makes for easier unloading and delivery onto your premises.
  • Premises where it is illegal for a lorry to park or offload.

It is your responsibility to ensure that there is safe and clear access for the delivery vehicle. If the haulage company arrive at your address and face one of the conditions above, the driver may decide to cancel the delivery, and this may incur a cancellation fee to cover the cost of dispatching and returning your order to our central warehouse. If you are unsure as to whether your location is suitable for a palletised delivery, please call us to discuss. We will advise as to whether there is likely to be problems at the offloading point.


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