Vision Wood Fuels was created as our way to further support the ongoing green agenda to reduce the impact of fossil fuels on the environment. For many years our wood waste that we are unable to reprocess is shredded into 40mm chip (hog fuel) which is then sold into industry for either heating or within a manufacturing process. In addition we also have on site biomass boilers which are heated by our waste wood/chip allowing us to send no wood waste to landfill. We have been environmentally friendly for many years.

The use of waste timber to produce heat and energy has grown in the UK over many years, because the use of waste timber as a fuel saves on product going to landfill. 

Following the rise in the use of wood by the general public we recognised an opportunity in the market to supply wood products into farms, equestrian centres, garden centres and domestic homes with complementary products such as horse bedding, logs and recycled wood offcuts.

All our wood fuel is BSL certified which ensure that our wood fuel not only comes from sustainable sources as supported by FSC but reduces Greenhouse Gas emissions (GHG) by at least 60% against the current use of fossil fuels.

By using wood fuel from FSC and BSL certified sources you are guaranteed that the fuel supplied is helping to support better management of our forests and reduces pollution through the carbon cycle.

Our ethos to recycle and have a strong green agenda works side by side with our commitment to provide excellent customer service and whether you’re a home, or large farm – we will treat you as a valued customer!

We are a proud employer of 50 local people. As the business has grown we have committed to create jobs to support the local economy. Another example of reducing our carbon footprint.

If you would like to know more about how wood can help create an efficient and economic solution for your needs, why not take a look through our website and see how we are able to supply wood for various uses.

OR visit our showroom at Naylors. Lund Hill Lane. Royston. Barnsley. S71 4BD 

At our site we have our own weigh bridge and are happy for our customers to collect if they prefer- we always have plenty of stock dried and ready to go.


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