Wood Fuel Pellets Multi Bags


Wood Fuel Pellets – ideal for heating and cooking.

Wood pellets are a compressed form of woody biomass used as an eco-friendly, low carbon alternative to traditional fossil fuels. As a source of renewable energy wood pellets provide the ultimate, sustainable, high quality and price stable fuel.

Wood pellets work incredibly well in wood pellet pizza ovens!

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The ENPlus A1 certification and the BSL sustainability authorisation attached to all of our pellets guarantees the high quality and sustainable nature of all the wood pellets we provide.

Made from 100% natural virgin wood with no additives or chemical treatments and all FSC certified.

Our pellets can be safely handled, held together by the natural lignin, which is released during the manufacturing process. The pellets are rated En Plus A1 standard and are designed for use in domestic and commercial pellet boilers, where they will burn cleanly and efficiently.