Q: I placed my order today. When can I expect delivery?
A: Deliveries normally take 3-5 working days.  Please allow 5-7 working days for delivery at peak time.  We always recommend that you are at the delivery address when the delivery is made, these are big heavy pallets.

Q: How much does it cost to have my order delivered?
A: The delivery price includes transport to anywhere in the North of England. Although there is a small surchrge for certain postcodes, please check our delivery information to see if your postcode is one of these. Please contact us for any queries on delivery and we will be pleased to help.

 Q: How will my ordered by unloaded at the delivery address?
A: There will need to be access for a minimum 7.5 tonne vehicle. Pallets are a standard 1 x 1.2 metres and the lorry will have a tail lift to get the pallet off the vehicle. If you have unlevel ground, a gravel drive you may have problems with delivery.  

Q: Will my wood pellets be dusty?
A: All our pellets are double dust extracted and are of the highest quality, to a DIN rating.

Q. Do we deliver to anywhere in the UK?
A. Yes we deliver to anywhere in the UK although some  regions carry a delivery surcharge.

Q. Can your products be stored outside?
A. All our products can be stored outside as long as they have a waterproof cover over them. 

Q. Are the wood pellets the same for biofuel as they are for horse bedding?
A. Yes the wood pellets are the same, the only difference is the VAT.

Q. Can I book my delivery for a specific day?
A. Yes you can tell us on the phone.

Q Do I need to have my chimney swept regularly?
The way in which we use our stoves can have a big impact on air quality and how long the chimney and wood burner will last. A local professional sweep can help you get it right, ensuring that you get the most from your stoves and provide advice on optimum operation. This can help save money.

If you have any further questions please get in touch


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